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Most small to medium sized businesses don’t have the budget for experienced marketing capabilities. Hiring a full time Chief Digital Officer doesn’t usually make sense until a company has reached $50M in revenue.

That’s where fractional CDOs come in. A fractional Chief Digital Officer will be able to guide, direct, and coach your team in accomplishing the most impactful items to move the business forward.

Whether it’s strategy or hands on tactical execution, Vilop Digital’s part time CDO service will guide your business on the growth path you desire.

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Flexible Budget

Whether you need the experience for 5 hours a week or 30, our fractional CDO service will flex with your businesses’ needs.

Part Time Budget

Full Time Skillset

Self Managing Executive

Media Goal Alignment

Strategic Guidance

Many digital and marketing teams know how to execute given strategies. Without a strong leader, these teams have trouble getting consensus on the specific path that will have the highest impact for the least amount of work.

Hiring New Employees

Developing Digital Marketing Strategy

Developing Internal Competencies

Data Driven Decisions

Agency Management

Agencies aren’t bad but they are incentivized on the wrong things. A fractional CDO will manage agency direction ensuring they’re staying focused on doing what’s best for your business and not the agency’s.

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Native Advertising

Reporting & KPIs

Digital marketers too often work in silos. Focusing on their specific KPIs instead of looking wholistically at the business and what drives growth. A fractional CDO will be able to come in and see across the entire landscape to focus on growth patterns that don’t operate in silos.

Data Driven Decisions

Evergreen Results

Highest ROI Channel

Targeting the Right Audience

Ready to Grow?

What is fractional CDO?

A fractional Chief Digital Officer is a part time consultant for your company that acts as the head of digital.

What does a fractional CDO do?

A fractional Chief Digital Officer directs & manages your marketing team and aligns with the CEO or Founder on the direction of the business. They do exactly what a normal CDO would do but part time. Most organizations aren’t large enough to need or have the budget for a full time CDO. Fractional CDOs are used to cover the time between when a businesses’ digital presence is led by the founder to when a businesses’ digital is led by a full time CDO.

Why should I hire a Fractional CDO?

Hiring a fractional CDO can accelerate the growth of your business as these leaders have a background that focuses on utilizing digital channels to grow. Most founders or owners of small businesses don’t have the digital experience to grow their business like they’d like to past a certain point.

How much does a Fractional CDO cost?

Fractional CDO cost depends on two variables.
1. Time – How many hours would you like them involved each week.
2. Hourly rate – A more experienced fractional CDO will charge higher. Usually in the range of $200-$300 an hour but this number can increase a lot given the experience of the candidate.

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