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Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).

It allows marketers to get a holistic view of customer behavior and activity, understand what is working and what isn’t, and make data-driven decisions that improve marketing performance.

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Marketing Audit

A marketing audit is the process of assessing a businesses’ media performance in terms of its conversion, ROI, and general performance. When conducted properly, a marketing audit can provide valuable insights into how a website can be improved.

ROI Audit

UX/UI Journey Pathing

Copy and Value Prop

Navigation & Consumer Journey

Content Marketing

In its simplest form, content marketing is the creation and sharing of content in order to attract and retain customers. Content marketing does not aim to sell products or services directly. Instead, it seeks to build relationships with potential customers by providing them with valuable information.

Connect with the Right Audience

Amplify Brand Awareness

Increase Traffic & Leads

Build Brand Loyalty

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is an essential tool to ensure that your marketing budget is being used effectively. Performance marketing takes the most eligible buyers and gives you a way to track their performance.

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Native Advertising

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage. By tracking data and constantly analyzing it, businesses can stay one step ahead of the competition and ensure that their website is always optimized for maximum results.

A/B/N Testing

Page Load Speed

Tracking & Impacting Business Goals

Targeting the Right Audience

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What is marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics is the process of tracking and analyzing data to reach your goals. It gives insight into valuable data that you can utilize to create future marketing strategies, increase ROI, and improve your customers’ experiences.

Why is marketing analytics important?

If your business is data-driven, you’re more likely to see significant improvements in your decision-making. Marketing analytics will enable you to make strategic decisions and will help you understand the impact of your marketing efforts.

How can data analytics improve marketing performance?

In short, data analytics will allow you to optimize all of the parts of your marketing to give you the best return on investment. This results in lower spend, higher revenue, and more profit flowing to the bottom line.

How do organizations use marketing analytics?

Organization utilize marketing analytics to ensure that they’re spending their marketing efficiently. When the ROI on a marketing channel isn’t performing as it should, budgets are reallocated to a higher performing marketing channel.

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