Revenue Share Marketing Agency

A revenue share partnership that align incentives

We offer marketing & digital support for small & medium businesses looking to scale while aligning incentives.

Revenue share marketing agency agreements may not be the best structure for every situation but when they work, they’re the best option for both parties.

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Ecommerce Revenue Share

Ecommerce revenue share agreements are great for brick & mortar businesses that want to stand up their online infrastructure but don’t have the in house capabilities.

Another popular model that has increased in recent years is partnering with influencers. Influencers typically have a large audience and no time to develop the expertise to sell their own products.

Lead Generation Revenue Share

In a lead generation revenue share model, Vilop Digital takes over your digital properties and marketing and optimizes them. The agreement is structured so that any incremental sales that Vilop Digital creates, the revenue is split.

This type of partnership is ideal for service based businesses that have a longer lead time and historically had difficulty in driving sales from online marketing.

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What is a revenue share agreement?

A revenue share agreement is an agreement with a marketing agency where they provide their services for free or a lowered fee in exchange for a fraction of the revenue that they generate.

Why do marketers choose revenue sharing?

Marketers choose revenue sharing as it places the onus and reward directly in their hands. The marketing agency takes more risk but they also share more upside in the outcome.

What are the advantages of revenue share?

There are several advantages to a revenue share agreement. It helps companies manage cash flow, reduces risk of picking a bad agency, enables companies to bring in talent that they might not be able to afford, and aligns incentives with the agency and business.

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